Poems from forthcoming book, Listing (Decoupage Publishing), published in Cordite 48.0: “Constraint”

Two poems from my first chapbook Listing (Decoupage Publishing, August 2015) have been published in Australian online journal Cordite. Guest editor Corey Wakeling has asked writers to respond to the theme of “constraint.”

Below are links to the poems, “OK’s and Equals part 3” and “Frames part 6.”

The approach to CONSTRAINT in these three (excerpted) long poems was through the consensual idioms of social media. The original long poem that started this cycle, “Thank You”, was actually composed out of materials generated originally as social media updates, posts and comments made by me or by my friends or acquaintances. “OK’s and Equals” was based on the kinds of statements (appeals, declarations, imagistic sketches, questions or invitations usually) I was used to making on social media, but purposefully withheld; instead, they composed a counter-dialogue to the culture of self-publication. These posts were aligned along the spine of older poetry cycle I had written years before, whose language provided the prompts that would normally have emerged from the dialogic character of social media. “Frames” used a similar strategy, but was organized into an informal stanza structure, whose vertical orientation seemed suitable to the original poem that had provided a ‘score’ of sorts for the posts: an elegy. Two more long poems followed. The five parts of the cycle have been collected under the title Listing by Decoupage Publishing and include a foreword by Michael Nardone. Listing will be printed  and launched in the summer of 2014.

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